Because most leaders of any community or societal group wrestle with how to care for the underserved and how to train and educate the children, the friends of the Foundation throughout the world answer this need in a variety of ways that suit the local culture. This involves hundreds of volunteers in efforts to help others.

The Foundation provides a core service to these men and women throughout the world who feel a call to teach others to love God and to love their neighbor as they love themselves. They seek to do this on a relational basis and without precondition. The friends of the Foundation facilitate private settings in which political, business, community and religious leaders can meet for encouragement, prayer and fellowship, thus exercising their freedoms of assembly and religion. These activities and meetings occur all over the world with the focus being determined by the needs of the location. Examples include:

  • Befriending and mentoring children in poor areas of the US and other countries to keep them in school and out of trouble. Mentoring at-risk young people and providing shelter, food, life skills, and training for literacy, vocations, and service to their communities. Assisting single mothers, reconciling between races, economic classes and generations, and connecting those with needs to those with resources.
  • Hosting overseas visitors and diplomats in Washington, DC at the Cedars in Arlington, Virginia. The Cedars is a place of peace and privacy, where trusted relationships are nurtured to encourage a leadership led by God. The Cedars is dedicated to impacting the hearts of those in position to make decisions to be “servant-leaders led by the Lord”. As these relationships are developed it mandates caring for the least of these. In addition, the Cedars provides a place where young people learn the ways of servant leadership.
  • Encouraging individuals to love Jesus with heart, mind, and spirit through one-on-one contacts, facilitation of small groups, seminars, and retreats.
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